May 24, 2011


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Source: Inside the Magic

I have always been fond of Annie Leibovitz’s work, even with all the controversies (remember Miley Cyrus’s case?) and I feel so delighted to see her latest project to be involving Disney!

These are my favorites:

The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

So beautiful. It’s not because the models are all-stars, but Leibovitz was so capable of capturing the essence of the Disney characters and turning it into beautiful art pieces like these ones. I really, really love how she gave oil-painting-touches onto these pictures.

It is quite ironic though that my most favorite pieces from this series are actually the old ones. But Penelope Cruz still fit well as Belle in the new additions!


snow white

March 7, 2011

Courtesy of the beautiful .ribbonyboo

Skin as white as snow, lips as pink as spring roses, and eyes that sparkle like a pair of polished feldspars. Her smile melts the winter, her voice awakens the sleeping flower buds, and her gaze brightens up the summer. The world has seen many ethereal beauties as well as everlasting pains, and this is just one of the first. Yet to the eyes of many, no matter how many divinely dazzling sights they have ever sought, the maiden’s charm is still intoxicating. This same charm ashamed most living creatures, for they know they cannot compete with or own the beauty of the princess.

It is only one flaw that she possesses: sorrow.

No matter how gorgeous she is, she  is on her own. Day by day she watches the sun on and off her throne. She is still waiting for any prince or knight to take her hand and lead her out of her loneliness — for someone that can take away the curse that life has given to her. The curse that life has bound unto her, for her beauty makes her unapproachable.

Snow White wishes for a storybook ending. Yet she knows that fate is not as kind.


P.S: The excerpt is purely fiction. It has nothing to do with Talisha’s personal experience or such. I just got this urge to write a flashfiction (if you can actually categorize this as a story) thanks to the beauty of her latest photo series. She is such a beautiful girl, and I’d like to dedicate this short piece to her.

keep on dreaming

March 6, 2011

Courtesy of Rani

Courtesy of Wendy

Courtesy of Bella

Courtesy of Krissie

Courtesy of Aliens are in Town

Courtesy of Jules

Whenever I feel that something is impossible for me to do, I just look at things that inspire me. When nothing can inspire me, I’ll just go find one. I’ll keep on looking until I find something beautiful, something that can touch my heart.

Hey, that’s what the Internet is for.

Once I finally find the inspiring stuffs, I always tell myself this: “To find this, you have to work on it hard and long. It’s difficult, but you managed to do it. It’s the same thing in life. Nothing is impossible, sometimes you just have to take more time and effort on it.”

I think now I know why I’m so in love with myself.



March 6, 2011

Courtesy of life’s lovelies

Courtesy of Ben Heine

Courtesy of Terra Kate

Courtesy of Doug Wheller

The sun and the rain are in a war in my hometown. When it’s hot, it really is hot. When it rains, it’s a downpour. Both seems to be doing their all in order to show to the other who’s the boss. Silly celestial beings! I wish they would hold the fire soon enough. My mood’s been horrible and the horrid weather makes it worse.

Guy is back from his peek-a-boo trip to Australia. He said that he likes Melbourne, he has made up his mind to study there. I’m happy for him.


{ Courtesy of Olivia House }

But you are giving up on me.

I really don’t get guys these days. They seem to lack motivation. They don’t want to try that hard to get a girl’s heart. Their mindset is: “if she doesn’t react, if she’s giving a tough game, then let’s find another girl”.

And no, I’m not talking about a player. This particular guy, in fact, is very loyal despite the fact that a lot of girls are chasing him because he’s got the looks, the body, the brain, and the money. He’s a boy-next-door, very humble and kind. He’s perfect in the eyes of ladies. In my eyes too. Almost.

He lacks motivation.

We have this on-off relationship mainly because of this reason. When I walk away when we fight, he won’t bother to chase. He’ll just stay, and wait until I turn around. Okay, from one point of view, that is sweet. Not that many is willing to wait patiently like him, especially considering the fact that he can get another girl easily if he wants to.

But is it wrong if I just wish for him to run after me, grab my wrist and force me to stay with him? Is it wrong if I wish he would struggle to get me back?

Is it wrong if I wish he would chase me, instead of waiting patiently at the same spot over and over again?

So… Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve been talking about this with him several times, and he only gave up. He always gives up. He’s just so passive I can barely stand it. But I don’t want to lose him.

We are going to enter university soon, and we will be separated by a very long distance (read: Singapore – Australia). I just hope I can deal with this problem once and for all before we depart from Indonesia and chase our own dreams.


First post and I’m already fangirling. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m very, very late to the YouTube-addiction party. I hate waiting for videos to load on the net since the Internet connection here sucks so bad. Like, totally bad. So I rarely watched videos, and I have this tendency to download a song directly than to watch the music video beforehand.

Then one day I just randomly looking for Asian-descent singers on Wikipedia. I think I have this thing for Asian-descent singers who sing in English, like Rachael Yamagata, Vienna Teng, etc. I stumbled upon (get the pun? hehe) Sam Tsui’s page, and tried downloading one of his song. It was a cover of Britney Spears’ Hold It Against Me. I fell in love with his voice at once.


I even like his version better than Britney’s, to be honest. So I got curious and downloaded more songs of him. I knew he was on YouTube too, so, well, I opened Kurt Schneider’s channel coz Sam’s videos were hosted there.


If Sam Tsui amazed me with his voice, Kurt Schneider dazzled me with his brilliance! This guy can do ANYTHING… Beatbox, directing, producing… Fantastic.

So… I’ve been stalking these two ever since. Here are some of my favorites:

I also love the College Musical series. It was hilarious. The lyrics were so well-thought. I laughed a lot thanks to them. It was quite a stress-reliever. I’ve been under a lot of pressure these days… I haven’t finished my art portfolio for university admission, that’s why!

There are also try outs for national exams, but I don’t really care. HAHAHAHA.